A founding principle of our brewery is to make beer that is drinkable with modest alcohol contents.

Currently, Sonnen Hill is focusing on producing a variety of pale ales, lagers, and mixed-fermentation beers such as saison and grisette using local ingredients whenever we can. Brewing high-quality beer, without excessive alcohol content, is what it’s all about.

Our environmental commitment is solid, as we’re committed to restoring the land we use by working with our local conservation authority to plant thousands of trees, reintroduce native grasses and wildflowers, and add boxes for birds and bats, creating a nice habitat for the wildlife around us. We have planted over 200 fruit trees, a variety of grains, and have a small honey operation on our farm. We intend to use what we’re growing in the brewing process with intentions of being as self sufficient as possible and support local producers otherwise.

Sonnen Hill brewery is located on our 37-acre family farm in Caledon, Ontario. We are excited about an impending opening to the public by way of a bottle shop and a mercantile featuring a variety of spiffy goods.

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