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Giving back

At Sonnen Hill, we try to give back when we can. One dollar from every 750mL bottle goes to organizations working within our community.

Sept–Nov 2020

Encampment Support Network Toronto

ESN is volunteer-run network supporting people living in encampments across Toronto. Volunteers have been visiting encampments since June 2020 delivering basic supplies that haven’t been provided from the City of Toronto during the pandemic. They believe all people deserve care, support, and access to water, food, fire safety and sanitation.  

Dec 2020–Feb 2021

FoodShare Toronto

FoodShare partners with communities to support gardens, markets, and urban agriculture projects across Toronto. Their programs support skill development and empower people to make healthy choices through hands-on participation in growing food, and capacity building of community-led initiatives. Since March 2020, they have focused on providing emergency food boxes to thousands of households facing food insecurity.

Mar–May 2021

Black Health Alliance

The Black Health Alliance is a community-led registered charity working to improve the health and well-being of Black communities in Canada. Some of the main focuses of the Black Health Alliance include fighting Anti-Black Racism, helping people with addiction, improving mental health, and building connected communities that are healthy and strong. With their focus on Black health and well-being they are helping create lasting change for Black communities and future generations.

Jun–Sept 2021

Family Transition Place

Family Transition Place is a shelter for women and their children in Orangeville that provides support to Caledon and Dufferin communities. They create an environment for women that is free of abuse where all individuals are treated with compassion, equity, and respect. Some of their support services include providing shelter and food, legal and mental wellness support, and community outreach programs to reduce the barriers to service for women living in rural communities.

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