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Does anything say summer more than BBQ? How about a live, wood-fired, custom-built fire table with all the fixings and a smoker? We’re excited to have Slowpoke up in the garden! 

Matt and Christina combined their expertise in food, brewing, and events management to start this venture during the pandemic after Matt’s interest in live-fire cooking took off. They both had worked together in a beer bar, and thought why the hell not! The name Slowpoke comes from Matt’s childhood nickname, given by his mom due to his slow, methodical, and detail-oriented approach to life. This nickname embodies the care and precision that goes into their cooking. 

Everything is cooked over fire, taking influence from southern and northern BBQ, Tex-Mex, and culinary practices from around the globe. Some of their signature dishes include the Famous Slowpoke Chicken Plates, Baltimore Pit Beef Sandwiches, Caciocavallo Impicatto on Focaccia with Jalapeño Honey, and Smoked & Grilled Pineapple over Cornbread with Maple Rum Sauce. 

Matt and Christina put an incredible amount of effort into making their food, all for the love of their customers. They’re passionate about what they do and are excited to share food with everyone. You can find them on Instagram at @slowpokefood to follow along!

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